Bid For Education Privacy Policy

Last Updated: May 29, 2017                                


We value your privacy and have set forth this privacy policy to disclose to you our practices with respect to the collection, storage, use, and dissemination of information provided by you or your device to us.          

For Bidders:  When you register with Bid For Education (herein “us” or “we”) to bid in an auction, you will provide personal information to create an account.  This is information you are voluntarily sharing with us in order to use our site and participate in the auction.  This personal information will be used to facilitate your use of our site and services.   Your email address may be used to send you emails regarding the registration of your Bid For Education account, your bids/outbids/winning bids on Bid For Education, the start and end of the auction, and payment instructions.  Your name and bid amount may be displayed on the website as a recent bidder, lead bidder, or other.  Your information will also be shared with the Administrator of the auction.  

When you register for your account, you can opt to bid anonymously, in which case your name will not appear on the auction site.  If you win an item in the auction, your name and email address will be made available to the Administrator of the auction, regardless of whether or not you opted to bid anonymously.  This is to ensure that payment for the item is accurately assigned and the item is accurately distributed.   Payment is made through a third party site.  We do not have access to information you provide through the payment process and refer you to the third party’s privacy policies.  

For Auction Administrators:  When you create an auction in Bid For Education, you are the Administrator and a potential Bidder.  In addition to the provisions regarding personal information set forth herein for Bidders, we may also use your email information for other communications and marketing information, such as emails regarding your specific auction, upgrades to Bid For Education, Bid For Education specials, and/or other relevant communications.  We require your phone number when creating an auction only to contact you during your auction should an issue arise and we cannot contact you in a timely manner via email.  

For All Bidders and Administrators:

We will not sell, share, or otherwise disclose to any third party any information you provide to us except if required by law or for billing purposes, or with your consent.  We may use non-identifying information for our internal business purposes.

In addition to collecting personal information as disclosed by you at registration, we may use cookies or other similar technologies to gather information from your device about your visit.  Cookies are small text files which are given ID tags and stored on your computer’s browser directory or data subfolders.  When you visit a website that uses cookies, cookies are created to keep track of your movements within our site.  You may choose to turn cookies off in your browser; however, turning cookies off may decrease the functionality of our service.  Cookies cannot be used by themselves to identify you.  We will use information from cookies to facilitate your use of our site and services and for our internal business purposes.   We will not sell, share, or disclose to any third party any information provided to us by cookies except if required by law or for billing purposes, or with your consent.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at  

Thank you for using Bid For Education!  Bid Often, Bid High!

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